AGATHE TOMAN is a French, Austrian & Czech artist, painter, drawer, photographer, poetry writer, & PSYCHOANALYSIS STUDENT born in 1989. Agathe is living between Hossegor and Paris.

My work deals in particular with the notion of existing channels; the psyche and the corporeal.
Their modes of operations within different environments, the connections they build along with the elaboration of the vibrations they create, the describable as well as the indescribable.
I explore themes such as identity, memory, human nature and our alliances.
My artworks tend to reflect an emotional depth and a certain tension, engaging the spectator in a profound and introspective reflection.
You have to listen carefully - discover futures, identities, and feelings that have no names or natures preceding them, looking within your own consciousness.
I embed these ideas in the very materiality of my works which are resolutely abstracts, monochromes, and shaded - where obscurity coexists with clarity, blue sparkles while merging with black, or shines on its own.
We are spectators enjoying the absence/presence of light.
A meticulous acquaintance exists between my hands, the pigments, charcoals, pencils and paints applied on papers or canvas. My technique of execution never repeats itself. The result always emerges spontaneously.
I work on stabilising the movement of matter, the density of light, to infuse myself through each particle, for the formulation of memories.
There, lingers an irreverent feeling of  suspense. Something unexpected. This indescribable feeling - a ‘L’appel du vide’
The emergence of a very unique print, I consider my artworks as self-portraits, portraits of parts of me.
I say that my creations are «materialisations of psychic states », human landscapes, threads of my soul, inviting others to merge.
The value of my artwork is not aesthetic, it resides within the particular vibrations it creates within those who see it.
Now we can consider the reunion of these two sentiments (the spectator and mine) - of which there won’t ever be two distinct individualities ever again. The process itself is alive. I consider my creations as working entities, creating unique routes between us, towards all of us as human beings. As the spectator becomes engaged in the creation of the artwork, it expands.

Securing a progression towards a new vision of being; into this world, unto ourselves and unto others.
If the spectator lets oneself engage in this process, there are psychic resonances coinciding and tuning up into a perfect symphony. A dialogue begins.
A metamorphosis of one’s soul. An uncatchable reflection. It is a poetic experience. An intense and powerful presence. A rigorous experience.
I want my work to refine human spirits, to sharpen souls where emotions find echoes, and words are drawn to resonate.
Become an echo room. My artwork leverages this chamber inside ourselves as a result of this encounter.

«Psychic suffering is linked to everything which could escape from the process of subjective symbolisation. We suffer from what is psychically blocked, or linger on hold to its psychical inscription. The human being doesn’t suffer only because of events, or because of particular thoughts, but because some process inside of ourselves hasn’t found a mirror, an echo, a receptacle and thus can remain wandering.»
René Roussillon - Manual of psychology and general clinical psychopathology , page 146.

Agathe Toman entered at a very young age the prestigious french Parisian fashion school named Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, in 2007. After graduating she worked for luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Yoji Yamamoto. Six years ago, Agathe Toman started to dedicate herself full time to her artistic creation.Following several exhibitions between Biarritz, Paris, Buccarest and London as a solo artist, or in collaboration with other talented artists, she has progressed to exhibit at the Paris contemporary drawing fair "DDessin" twice, and at the ART PARIS ART FAIR at the Grand Palais to name just a few, where she was represented by LN Gallery.

SOTHEBY’S Paris has presented two artworks from the artist, during the occasion of the ‘Contemporary Art Curated’ auction sale in July 2021. The drawing ‘_VOID #05’ & the Noir Monochrome ‘_ANIMA #01’. Both artworks have been sold above the estimated prices. Her Artist market value is now confirmed since the sale.

The auction house presented her art for the second time with the drawing ‘_THINK #02’ in March 2022 during the ‘Living Contemporary’ auction sale. Again, this drawing has been also sold above the estimated price given.
SOTHEBY’S Cologne presented for the 3rd time, her art for auction in September 2023, during the ‘Modern & Contemporary Discoveries’ auction sale.

The colours Black & Blue are the essence of her art. Paintings made of pure black pigments, blended with acrylic paint and inks, each one offers an outstanding intensity along with her mesmerizing drawings she creates with a simple Bic Biropen. These are the writings she uses.

Her art is an abstract language which is the component part of her universe, enriched today by her poetry. Each one of her poems corresponds to a piece of her artwork, united within different series: ‘The Fluids’ _ ‘The Love’ _ ‘The Voids’ _ ‘The Thoughts’ _ ‘Thus’ _ ‘The Blue.’Today Agathe has curated her own unique way to merge her 4 means of expression: painting, drawing, photography and writing.

She has also collated her first book, gathering exclusively her distinctive poetry, named:
‘_YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO SMILE AGAIN’. Out this summer, August 2024. 

The universe according to Agathe Toman is a complex canvas moving so each invisible thread participates in its coherence thus guaranteeing an infinite multiplicity. Each thread allows when we touch it, to see and feel a particular harmony which is unknown, inimitable, unique. Creation is vibrating through an arpeggio of her expression; an encounter, a dream, a fleeting thought, an invented color, the skin that we barely touch, that we scrub, that we scratch, our skin, or the other’s, makes it echo and create symphonies that are perpetually new. You have to listen carefully. Discover futures, identities, and feelings that have no names or natures preceding them. Let yourself go. Become an echo room. Fight against the door that could shut before the intangible. Embrace, come out, welcome these emotions which are modulated from the brightest to the darkest. It is a discipline. A priesthood that the artist endorses. She listens to herself. She listens.A striped black, a white delight, are the notes that are specific to each person, to each thing, to each moment. That is what allows a big, thick, whole, rich and eternal truth. Her work is a synthesis of the inaudible to the invisible and from the invisible to the impalpable.” From ‘The Invisibles – One Sacred’ 2019. Original text in french written by Marie Arquié.

Exhibitions - Art Fairs - Auction Sales

‘_LESS’ , Collaborative exhibition with the artistsVladinsky, Prima, Ovidiu Solcan, Katja Lührs, Lulian Copacel, Pavot Gallery Bucharest, Romania. May 2022. SOTHEBY’S ‘Living Contemporary’, Auction Sale. Paris, France. March 2022. 

‘_The Bird’, Hossegor. Solo Show. December 2021. SOTHEBY’S ‘Contemporary Curated Paris’, Auction Sale. Paris, France. July 2021.
‘Corpus Animae’, Château de Lantheuil, Normandy, France. September 2020.
‘ACS In Situ’, Anne Claire Simon Galerie, Paris, France. December 2019. ‘Les Invisibles - Un Sacré’ #2 Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais. Paris, France. Avril 2019. ‘Les Invisibles - Un Sacré’ #1 Contemporary Drawing Fair, DDessin. Paris, France. April 2019. ‘Un Battement Par Minute’, AEmergence Contemporary Art Fair. Paris, France. October 2018. ‘Chères’, Biarritz, France. June 2018 ‘Phantoms‘, Ellia Art Gallery, Paris. Solo Show. April 2018 ‘58/58 (59)’ Contemporary Drawing Fair, DDessin Paris. March 2018 ‘Undercover Skies’, Helder Biarritz, France. December 2016‘This Is A Story About Chaos, Going Around In Circles And Falling Apart’, Biarritz, France. Solo Show. September 2016. ‘To The Moon and Back’, Hossegor, France. Surfin Estate. Solo Show. April 2016.

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