Agathe Toman is a French, Austrian & Czech artist, painter and drawer, born in 1989. Agathe lives between Paris and Biarritz.
She entered at a young age the prestigious french Parisian fashion school named Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. After graduating she worked for luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Yoji Yamamoto.
3 1/2 years ago, Agathe Toman felt that it was high time to dedicate herself full time to her artistic creation.
Following a dozen of chosen exhibitions between Biarritz and Paris, as a solo artist or even in collaboration with other talented artists, she exhibited last Spring at the Paris contemporary drawing fair, DDessin and at the ART PARIS ART FAIR at the Grand Palais, represented by LN Gallery.
Agathe’s world is mostly black and white, with touch of gold emerging at times. Her dreamlike arts are made of biro pen and acrylic. She spreads her vibrating imagination on many various supports such as paper, canvas, walls…
They materialize the link between reality and the invisible that she obviously strives to make you See. Connection therefore is essential.
Her aim is to create a variance in the surface of her canvass where the unconcious of one soul to another can meet; the soul which is normally silent but now her work gives it a voice.
The use of black and white is not trivial as it replies to her necessity of freedom of interpretation.
The black is absorbing the white, the white absorbs the black, this distinction is not clear-cut  and the spectator can interpret : the last lights of something that will disappear or an appearance, a promise of brightness …
« The universe according to Agathe Toman is a complex canvas moving so each invisible thread participates in its coherence thus guaranteeing an infinite multiplicity. Each thread allows when we touch it, to see and feel a particular harmony which is unknown, inimitable, unique. Creation is vibrating through an arpeggio of her expression; an encounter, a dream, a fleeting thought, an invented color, the skin that we barely touch, that we scrub, that we scratch, our skin, or the other’s, makes it echo and create symphonies that are perpetually new. You have to listen carefully. Discover futures, identities, and feelings that have no names or natures preceding them. Let yourself go. Become an echo room. Fight against the door that could shut before the intangible. Embrace, come out, welcome these emotions which are modulated from the brightest to the darkest. It is a discipline. A priesthood that the artist endorses. She listens to herself. She listens.
A striped black, a white delight, are the notes that are specific to each person, to each thing, to each moment. That is what allows a big, thick, whole, rich and eternal truth. Her work is a synthesis of the inaudible to the invisible and from the invisible to the impalpable. Always remain listening to the muffled shouts under the surface, trying relentlessly to answer back, to give them a voice on the canvas, here is the essence of a vocation. »
From «  The Invisibles – One Sacred » 2019.
Agathe Toman - Artist Painter and Drawer - Portrait of Agathe